What to look for in a designer/creative agency

What to look for in a designer/creative agency

In this post we will examine several key points that you should look out for when hiring a web designer or digital marketing agency. Let’s begin.

1. Previous Work

You can look at the agency portfolio page to see their existing work. When browsing the portfolio can you identify suitable designs for different industries and types of business. This would illustrate that the agency in competent in a variety of styles to suit your business. You can view our portfolio here.

2. What’s their own website like

You wouldn’t give your work to a creative agency who can’t even maintain their own website properly. Does the design of their own site meet current standards. This is an obvious one!

3. How long have they been around

Has the creative agency you are thinking about been around for a long enough time to build up key experience and skills. If it’s a long running company, chances are they are doing something right, but don’t write off a newbie either as they can also have good skills.

DzineLab have been actively offering digital marketing services for over ten years.

4. Standards of work

It might not be immediately obvious, but you should check that the agency is coding your site in accordance with the best standards (W3C). There are industry wide standards that should be complied to. Also, check that the agency will design your site with mobile responsiveness in mind.

DzineLab uses fully compliant coding, and every website is designed with mobile responsiveness in mind

5. Communication

How well does the agency communicate with you? Do they explain their ideas clearly, or are you overwhelmed with technical and marketing jargon. Are they able to translate technical concepts into easy to understand plain English for your understanding

DzineLab will involve the client every step of the way from initial briefing to website launch. We strive to explain every aspect of the design process in simple to understand language.

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